Lead Generation

If you are searching for qualified and targeted leads for your sales pipeline, look no further. Z Soft Solution uses intelligent marketing technologies and proven marketing processes to ensure you have targeted and qualified sales leads ready for your team to convert into real business.

Sales leads are everywhere. We know where and how to find them.

We initiate consumer interest in your product or service. We pair lead generation with best in class lead management to move qualified sales leads into your sales funnel. This ensures that your sales effort scales up in real time with more conversion rates. We focus on the following metrics:

  • Leads generated per month
  • Sales qualified leads per month
  • Sales opportunities from leads
  • Conversion rates against all marketing efforts

From prospect to evangelist, we are with you in every stage of the lead generation cycle.

  • Lead Generation: Warming up potential customers and guiding them on the path to purchasing your product/service.
  • Lead Nurturing: Identifying leads that fit the ideal buyer profile and which stage they are in their purchase journey help you understand your customer better.
  • Subscriber to Lead to Qualified Lead: We ensure that a potential lead on the outer periphery of your sales funnel in time becomes a qualified business prospect for your sales team.
  • MQL to SQL: We achieve the transition of a marketing qualified lead to a sales qualified lead by ensuring only the right fit buyer profiles get passed on to the sales team. We choose quality over quantity.
  • From Opportunity to Evangelist: Using our comprehensive customer retention strategies, we ensure a lead ready to buy your product/service not only completes the purchase but becomes a repeat customer who promotes your brand to others.

Grow your sales pipeline

Our Lead Generation Life Cycle:


  • Display Banner Ads to target potential customers.
  • Use of Sales Navigator for CRM.
  • Follow up with prospects using channels like phone, chat and email.
  • Landing page changes based on visitor behaviour.
  • Lead scoring
  • Landing page changes based on visitor behaviour.


  • Professional Social Media lead collection by use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Lead generation on other Social Media Channels such as Facebook and Twitter company pages.


  • Call prompt from introduction email.
  • Call prompt from follow-up email.
  • Inbound and outbound leads collected on phone.

Email and SMS:

  • SMS notifications
  • Email blasts
  • Event triggered email notifications.


  • Customer Support
  • Inbound Lead forwarding to Sales
  • Follow-up warm leads on phone and email

68% of B2B companies are still struggling with lead generation. (CSO Insights)

High-quality lead generation is the top challenge for 61% of B2B marketers. (B2B Technology Marketing Community). Verifying business leads before passing it to the sales team is conducted by only 56% of B2B companies. (MarketingSherpa via HubSpot)

How we do it?

  • Healthy mix of inbound and outbound lead generation campaign.
  • Immediate feedback from potential leads leading to better quality of leads that mean business.
  • Our team builds better relationships between your company and your leads.
  • Post sale conversations means better customer retention and loyalty.

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Multi-channel marketing strategy designed to convert the right leads